2 Coinpay payment processing enable merchants to accept ethereum, bitcoin and bitcoin cash payments from buyers worldwide. Our payment processing is seamless, safe reliable, no matter where you are on the world. Create a Merchant Account
2 Coinpay it's easy integrate at your website and very low fees of each payments for any cryptocurrency payments. CoinPayments gateway can to create invoices with POST GET requests by simple API.

With –°oinpay you can accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for only 0.49% from the transaction amount and there are no monthly, registration, or support fees (except for withdrawal fees).

When you creating an invoice in cryptocurrency BTC ETH, all successful payments will be credited to your merchant account in the currency that was paid, but if you requested an invoice in USD currency we are instantly will converted Bitcoin or Ethereum to your USD stablecoin account.
2 Coinpay processing possible to create multicurrency invoices or configure single payments in different cryptocurrency with Coinpay Payment API.

Pricing & fees

Bitcoin Ethereum USD StableCoin
Processing Yes Yes Coming soon
* Transaction fee 0,49% 0,49% Not Available
** Withdrawal fee 0.0007 BTC 0.03 ETH 2 USD
Minimum Withdrawal 0.002 BTC 0.04 ETH 4 USD

  * as a percentage amount of each completed transaction.
** for each withdrawal of funds to local wallet.

2 Coinpay Payment API allows you to integrate and accept Bitcoin, Ethereum payments on any online stores or websites with more customization.

Just now we are testing CoinPayments in private mode.

If you are interested to accept cryptocurrency at your website
contact us by email: [email protected]



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