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2 Coinpay Processing online payments in a crypto currency allows any new sellers/merchants to accept easy payments in a crypto currency Ethereum, Bitcoins or BitcoinCash from buyers from around the world. Our simple payment processing system is created as safe and is seamless, very secure, reliable no matter where you are in the world.

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Coinpay is develop for several years and is ready to offer the most favorable terms for accepting payments in crypto currency.

Coinpay - is a unique and first in the world application for smart payments in crypto currency, which allows any merchants/sellers to accept several crypto currencies on an only single invoice/order and then automatically make convert them to Stablecoin or US dollars through an API calls.

A merchant and sellers will have full controls to over their coin funds at all times.

Coinpay is a technology company that creates a multitude of APIs in the form of the Smart Crypto Payment Application system that allows any customers to simples pay merchants directly for their e-goods or services. The merchant will have full control over his funds at any time; they can save the interest in any received crypto currency or convert it based on the markets rate at the time of the transaction.


works on intelligent software, so a company can work anywhere in the world without registering or jumping over regulatory hoops, because the company never touches the funds, everything the company does offers tools to keep the merchant under complete control. There is no counterpart, and therefore no counterparty exists. The funds are either with customers or with merchants. Platform will charge a very small up to 0.5% transaction fee on all payments and these fees for sure will also be shared with the referral users who enrolled the coinpay merchant account. In this case, there is no third party or average person you have to deal with.

2 Coinpay it's easy integrate at your website and very low fees of each payments for any cryptocurrency payments. CoinPayments gateway can to create invoices with POST GET requests by simple API.

With Coinpay, you and your merchants can accept (BTC, ETH) Bitcoin and Ethereum safe crypto payments for only to 0.49% of the transaction amount, coinpay not have a monthly fees, coinpay has no any hidden fees (with the exception of the withdrawal fee).

When you creating an invoice in cryptocurrency BTC ETH, all successful payments will be credited to your merchant account in the currency that was paid, but if you requested an invoice in USD currency we are instantly will converted Bitcoin or Ethereum to your USD stablecoin account.
2 Coinpay processing possible to create multicurrency invoices or configure single payments in different cryptocurrency with Coinpay Payment API.

Coinpay Pricing & fees

Bitcoin Ethereum USD StableCoin
Processing Yes Yes Coming soon
* Transaction fee 0,49% 0,49% Not Available
** Withdrawal fee 0.0007 BTC 0.03 ETH 2 USD
Minimum Withdrawal 0.002 BTC 0.04 ETH 4 USD

  * as a percentage amount of each completed transaction.
** for each withdrawal of funds to local wallet.

2 Coinpay Payment API allows any merchants/sellers to integrate with more customization and to manage their account for send any coins at any time at will.

Just now we are testing Coinpay platform at many websites.

If you are interested to accept cryptocurrency at your website with Coinpay application
contact us by email: [email protected]


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